Thank you to the fantastic people who:

- attended, including our furthest traveled Mini from Exeter

- helped out with this year's event, like the muppets in hi-viz jackets wandering around all weekend keeping things running

- supported this year's event in many ways, including the local (and national) businesses who helped so much to keep our costs down - and sometimes at extremely short notice, thank you Screwfix Skegness!

The figure above is our best ever result at SkegMiniFest, and in the very near future we will be having a nice big cheque handed over to Macmillan Cancer Support.

As ever, we need a bit of a rest now before the organising of next year's event gets under way, but keep an eye out for the booking being opened for 2019!


If you haven't booked your tickets for SkegMiniFest 2018, you're out of luck. Due to a rash of bookings in the last few days, our final pitches have gone so we've closed the booking pages for now.

If you have booked your tickets, we'll see you in just under 3 weeks!

Just a couple of minor updates letting you know what's going on over the weekend.

We've had confirmation that the RAF Battle Of Britain Memorial Flight will be conducting two flypasts over the weekend, one with a Hurricane and one with a Spitfire. Although we're based in Bomber County we couldn't secure the Lancaster, but we're sure seeing two other 20th Century engineering icons alongside our own (the Mini, of course!) will be just as much of a pleasure.

The other update is that we have a fixed time for the Rocker Cover Racing. Registrations must be in by 12 noon on Saturday 14th with the heats starting at 1300. This should allow racers to plan their weekend knowing exactly when the racing will happen. There are also some subtle changes to the track this year, although the "Jump through the Flaming Hoop Of Doom" section was vetoed by the organisers. Sorry for any disappointment. 

Preparations continue...

There are a number of updates to the raffle prize list - including another biggie - and we've had confirmation that the Battle Of Britain Memorial Flight are sending over a couple of their chaps at 5.30pm on Saturday and 3.35pm on Sunday - weather permitting, time subject to change etc.

The number of available pitches is falling as we get closer to the event, so if you haven't booked already, get a bloomin' move on!

We've been busy. SkegMiniFest doesn't run itself you know...

Our raffle page is updated, and thanks to a couple of eagle-eyed visitors, we've had some updates to the booking pages and confirmations too.

Not long now...