Yes, we do have some rules for the event (best read in conjunction with the frequently asked questions), which are here to make sure that you have a safe and fun time whilst you're with us. They're not here to make things difficult, or tick any "Health and Safety" boxes.

In fact, most of them are common sense, and if you use your common sense, there should be no problems - like being asked to leave if you're naughty.

Please stick to them and we can make sure that the event will happen again next year.

DO what you're asked to by anyone in a hi-viz top

They're hardworking organiser types, trying to make the event go smoothly for everyone

DO pitch your tent/park your car where we ask you to

This makes life easier for everyone and makes sure we can get people in to enjoy the event

DO watch out for cars when on site

We don't want anyone to get squished

DO remember that you're guests of the Welcome InnĀ 

There's no excuse for winding up the landlord or other patrons

DO consider a dress code

There isn't an official one, but be sensible: wandering around in your underwear (or your girlfriend's/wife's underwear!) is not necessarily what the majority of our guests will be happy to seeĀ 

DO remember that we're in a residential area

That means that the Welcome Inn's neighbours will not be impressed if you start up your car and rev the engine at 3am

DO look after any kids and/or dogs you've brought with you

Particularly with regards to rules 3, 4 and 5 - keep them on a lead and pick up after them. The same goes for dogs

DON'T take that barbecue/crate of beer out of the boot

The landlord has stated that the only alcohol to be drunk is to be bought over the bar, and only small camping stoves can be used for cooking breakfast etc

DO have a damn good time

Enjoying it? tell people! Not enjoying it? tell us!

The organisers will be doing everything we can to make this event as safe and as much fun as possible. We would like to remind you that everyone attending this event has a personal responsibility for themselves and should apply common sense.

In other words, we're not your mother and we accept no responsibility for:

  • anything you do that we've told you not to
  • anything you don't do that we tell you to
  • anything else, whether or not we've told you

By attending the event, you agree to all of the above.