Things change every year.

2019 will be no different. We run SkegMiniFest as a charity event, trying to raise as much as possible for Macmillan Cancer Support, so we're not guaranteed to get in any particular figure. All of the people who work on the event do so for free. Nobody profits from it in any way, except for Macmillan, and we need to make sure the event takes enough money to make the total we give them worth doing so.

Every so often, we look at what we can do to limit our costs (even with charity rates, those toilets are not cheap!) and maximise the amount we get in, without trying to push people away. It's a delicate balancing act, and some people may not feel we get it right. Two things that have become especially apparent are:

  • the cost to us of the barbecue (yes, you haven't even been paying cost price)
  • people have had to be turned away from the event due to a lack of space.

We have always had a "one pitch, one car, one tent" rule, but increasingly that's not how people were booking. It doesn't work if we end up with "3 pitches, 2 cars, 1 tent", or "4 pitches, 2 cars, 2 tents, 1 event shelter/gazebo/tarpaulin stretched across between them and we'll dump the cars on the roadway anyway, after all, what are they going to do? kick us off?".

For 2018, we had a bit of a shake up. We began charging a nominal rate for pitches, as well as for individual tickets. This was to make sure that people didn't just book pitches on the off-chance, or because they wanted more space than everyone else, and to make sure that all the people who wanted to come have space to do so. We adjusted the individual price at the same time to limit the changes.

Remember that these two costs cover the event, give you access to the low price special guest only menu (and the barbecue if you choose to have it), give you a funky wristband and a warm glow inside (not guaranteed), cover for camping from 12pm on Friday to 10am on Monday including use of the toilets and showers. It's not a way for us to make money, it's to make sure we can pay to put the event on and still get a decent amount to Macmillan.

As a result, the new pricing structure is as follows:

12ft by 22ft camping pitch

(1 car, 1 tent and as many people as you can fit in)

£10 (regardless of how many people are on the pitch)
Adult with bbq £15.50
Under 12s with bbq £8
Adult without bbq £8
Under 12s without bbq £4


We know there were winners and losers with this change, and we tried to limit the changes as much as possible. In fact, for many of the bookings we had in 2017, the 2018 event actually worked out cheaper.

We hope you understand why these changes have been made, and that we have not taken the decision lightly. Other options included not allowing guests to park with their tents, but in a parking area at one end of the field - and we've already found out that's not a good thing.

We know we're still one of the cheapest weekend Mini events out there, and with camping alone around this area being upwards of £12 a night we hope you see that this event still represents excellent value for money. Plus, the camp sites don't give anything to charity and very, very rarely have live music all weekend!